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Hi there! Thanks for checking out! 

I'm Sarah and I'm a Jewish illustrator who loves to create artwork that pleases the eye.

Since I was a young girl I loved to draw. Eventually, my favorite hobby expanded into my own venture.

With every new opportunity that comes my way, I have learned new techniques that have helped me develop my talent.

I've created images for kids books, games, posters, ads, and more. I also specialize in realistic portraits for people to remember a loved one or celebrate a hero.

I consider myself quite lucky to be doing something that I enjoy as a profession.

The biggest satisfaction I get from my work is the smile, the enjoyment, or maybe even some good values people gain from seeing my artwork.

Personally, I gained a lot of inspiration from the well-known artist Norman Rockwell, but then again, who hasn't?

Most of my work is done digitally, nevertheless, I prefer to keep it as organic and natural looking as possible.

I hope that you enjoy the art that you've seen here. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or opportunities!


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